Nothing says fresh starts and new beginnings quite like the blessing of having a child so it seemed only fitting to share Allison's beautiful maternity photos with you to help usher in the new year.  We have been so honored to be privy to a small glimpses of Allison's pregnancy through flowers. A flower crown for her baby shower, blooms for her milk bath, and another crown for her maternity photos. With every passing event, you could see more joy, anticipation, and gratitude for the amazing gift of motherhood on her face.  She welcomed her baby boy in early October and there are no better words than her own to describe it.

"...and now every breath, every smile, every tear, every single ounce of every emotion flowing through my body has come down to this first son...was finally in my arms. I was in awe of him. It was in that moment that my life, my purpose, my heart would never be the same."

Welcome to this crazy, wonderful world Michael Lockwood and happy, happy new year to you all!