Eothen Wreath Workshop

There is something magical about winter. Bare birch trees, evergreens, appreciating what nature has to offer even in its quietest moments. Bringing those elements into my home has always made the season feel warmer and more inviting. So when we had the opportunity to be a part of eothen's Prism Wreath Workshop last December, we couldn't pass it up. Katie is such a gracious teacher with a warm energy and an ease about her. She fostered an open, inviting space to create bringing in natural elements from her home in California along with foraging here in Virginia to provide the tools to create something really beautiful. If you ever have the opportunity to learn with her, take it. Thank you Katie for sharing your craft and passion with us! We cannot wait for an opportunity to learn with you again. And quick confession, I may or may not still have mine hanging because it's almost as beautiful dried as it was fresh and green. 

Photography by Mary Otanez Photography 

Workshop by eothen 

Venue: Black Iris

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